Many people serve the parish as readers of Holy Scripture, Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers, altar servers, ushers, greeters and music ministers. The Liturgy Committee at St. Paul’s supports these ministries by recruiting, scheduling and training these generous volunteers and by providing opportunities for them to continue to develop their ministerial skills and to grow in a spirit of service.

We are all called to respond to our Baptismal and Confirmation commitment by loving and serving God and one another. The Liturgy Committee offers many ministries that we hope you would consider. Your life will be enriched as you respond to God’s call to serve others and find a place of ministry that corresponds to your individual gifts, talents and interests.

Altar Servers

The ministry of servers is open to any young boy or girl who would like to perform an essential ministry to God and God’s people. Being a sever means serving God and the priest and deacon at Mass. Consider to train to be a server at weekend or special Masses.

Ministry of Holy Communion

If you would like to share in this ministry to assist the priest and deacon at Mass, you must be willing to serve God’s holy people for several years if possible. To be authorized as a special minister of Communion to share the Body and Blood of Christ with your fellow worshipers, you are required to attend training and enrichment so that you may understand the ministry and become and live as the Body of Christ that you give to your brothers and sisters.

Readers of Holy Scripture

“The Lord has given me a well-trained tongue that I might know how to speak to the weary a Word that will rouse them.” Issiah 50:4. This is a special ministry in the Church that requires skill to communicate God’s message of Holy Scripture at all the Masses. Lectors/Readers proclaim not just any word, but the Word of God. Consider to prepare for this ministry and if you have the characteristics of a good public reader, contact us.


These ministries greet, welcome and help seat parishioners and guests at all Sunday and Holy Day Masses. Usher and Greeters also take up the offertory collections, select gift bearers and distribute bulletins as well as maintain the interior of the body of the Church after each Mass. If you feel that you can extend a warm welcome and be a gracious hospitality host or hostess at the Mass, consider taking on this great ministry role.

Other Ministries

If you would like to speak to one of the priests or deacon about other ministries that promote gospel values and growth in holiness and service to our Church community, please make an appointment at the rectory to discuss your diea and experience. Other ministries that you may want to consider doing are to become a Reader at Funerals, a Mass Coordinator, or a cantor at Funerals.

As you can see there are ample roles to fill throughout our Liturgies here at St. Paul’s. If you feel the call and want to become active within any of these ministries, please contact Mr. Jeremy Hylka at 730-8599 or

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