Parish Council

The Parish Council sets the mission and goals for the parish. Acting in an advisory capacity to the Pastor, it has the responsibilties of unifying and coordinating parish activities and of allocating resources.

The Council is comprised of ex-officio members (the Pastor and Associate Pastor) and elected and appointed parishioners. While the elected members represent the parish at large, four of the appointed members represent the Council Commissions:
1. Christian Worhsip; 2. Christian Service; 3. Christian Education; 4. Administration.

In addition, interest groups of sufficient size to warrant representation can also appoint members to the Council. Currently two such appointees are on Council; these represent the Seniors (Paulites) and Youth (Youth Ministry – F.O.L.L.O.W.) of the Parish.

In order for the Council to be truly effective, it needs the input of all parishioners. This is accomplished through their attendance at Council meetings and personal contact.

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